Boker Cutlery. Boker or, the “Tree Brand” is generating knives ever since the seventeenth 100 years in Solingen Germany.

Boker Cutlery. Boker or, the “Tree Brand” is generating knives ever since the seventeenth 100 years in Solingen Germany.

Soligen try as you can imagine among the world’s most well-known knife metropolises, and the Boker brand is actually steeped contained in this cutlery capital’s rich record. At first Boker created sabers to fuel different battle endeavours. Right obviously Boker is well known with their plan of action, EDC and home cutlery… even though they create continue to generate inexpensive swords (usually were going to would a sword review…).

Boker Knife Assessments:

Boker Plus Kalashnikov AK-74 Automatic Knife Testimonial

The latest summary of the Microtech Stitch ignited simple fascination with automated knives. I do believe it is easy to understand precisely why. The sewing is an incredible and one-of-a-kind knife. Also, it is a $400 blade. That’s an enormous slice of changes. I needed to consider a much more inexpensive sector with the marketplace.

Boker Patriot Review

Previous changed: May 30, 2019 The Boker Patriot began with a terrific idea. A lightweight, inexpensive electricity blade constructed in america with a 154CM edge. Who is going to dispute with that? I for 1 was actually enthusiastic about the Patriot. Buy the Boker Patriot at BladeHQ except for whatever factor there isn’t become a huge amount of grip. I .

Boker Plus Tech-Tool Overview

When I saw Smoky hill Knifeworks within the Thanksgiving vacation, certainly one of the most popular parts of the shop had been the Boker table. With a lot of manufacturing knife companies we currently often completed a majority of their brand, or have a great believe for just what what they are selling series is just like. Boker was a firm we .

Boker Plus Urban Trapper Testimonial

If you’ve been as a result of knife developments anyway, you should understand absolutely larger involvement in both titanium framelock flippers and old-fashioned foldable knives. So that should not simply take a rocket scientist to get the very idea of mixing these types of developments, nonetheless has truly been escort girls in Fontana deemed as two collectively unique phenomena. That .

Boker Kwaiken Flipper Review

Latest up-to-date: January 10, 20198 Back when the main Boker Kwaiken came on top of the scene I was pretty enthusiastic. Modeled after knifemaker Lucas Burnley’s custom offering, this streamlined layout seemed as well great to resist. That will be, until, product reviews began to pour over. Anyone claimed your blade am hard to opened together with the technique of the .

Boker Plus 01BO188 Titan Lower Testimonial

Final up-to-date: May 11, 2019 Have you purchased a knife while consuming? I’m unsure if this sounds like a frequent thing or don’t, but i used to be getting back a few beers one-night while creating still another morally questionable episode of GearGeeksLive as soon as I proceeded to select this Boker Titan. Get the Boker Additionally .

Boker Pipsqueak Evaluation

Last changed: September 17, 2019 The Boker Pipsqueak happens to be a “little huge knife” designed by Neil Blackwood of Blackwood traditions cutlery and constructed by Boker in Solingen, Germany. As an urbanite whom mostly stocks a knife for feature needs, You will find produced quite partial to smaller EDC blades. Actually, I am properly alright with toting .

Boker Plus Vox BOB Evaluation

Last up-to-date: May 11, 2019 crafted by Jesper Voxn?s of Vox Knives, the Boker Plus Vox BOB is an intriguing mixture of chunky remedied blade and easy Scandinavian layout. Mr. Voxnaes has done various collaborations with Boker, maybe specifically his own lightweight Gnome neck knife, but this is my first manual experience with some .

Boker Plus S2 Assessment

Finally changed: August 30, 2019 I’ve recently been drooling over Sniper Bladeworks custom cutlery for some time nowadays. For the uninitiated, Sniper Bladeworks may brainchild of Lance Abernathy and Jody Muller. Jody deals with manufacturing and Lance comes up with the designs. The outcome has become a number of award winning plan of action blade brands and wonderfully .

Boker SubCom Review

Latest Updated: September 16, 2019 Boker has recently done some great collaborations with custom knife producers (similar to the formerly analyzed Boker Eskelibur). The Boker SubCom is actually collective hard work, that time with developer Chad Los Banos. A native of Hawaii, Chad is doing many great collaborations with production blade corporations and .

Boker Plus Exskelibur I (01BO001) Review

Previous Updated: May 11, 2019 once in a while I notice a blade that we absolutely must own. Now, in reality, my own variety of cutlery happens to be smaller in comparison to the dimensions (and advantage) a number of blade enthusiasts, and so I prefer to envision I work out some “restraint” throughout my acquisitions. This could have .

On Boker

The Boker logo originates from a chestnut tree increasing outside his or her premises in Remscheid, Germany. The storyline go this forest was living through the establishing close to a century before being hit by bleaching. An area musician flipped the shrub into a bit of skill that nowadays stay in the office associated with the Boker chairman.

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