Male customer’s feedback: Love the sexy feminine sheer fabric and the sexy lace

Male customer’s feedback: Love the sexy feminine sheer fabric and the sexy lace

Male customer’s feedback: “I am a man and been wearing panties for many years. I wanted a shape to create a girly look. Very high waist and it shows, so be ready to explain red girly knickers. I bought one size up as normal for shaping panties and these are great for my small”

Warner’s No Pinching, No Problems Modern Brief Panty 5738 Male customer’s feedback: “This is a great panty for Men. I bought one pair to try them and they fit great! I use to buy Warners Tuxedo Brief and High Cut Brief until they were unfortinately discontinued. These panties have the perfect support for a Man’s body so don’t be ashamed and give them a try! There just underwear! Who made the rule of who has to wear what?.”

Male customer’s feedback: “My husband wears jockey briefs. he doesn’t like the way they ride up. they also don’t dry quickly. i saw a friend of mine and she raved about the warner 5738. how comfortable they were. she said she got husband to try them and they fit him great and looked great. i bought three black pairs. i took a black marker and marked out label in back. i told my husband they were from france. he has worn them three months. he loves them and still dose not know they are panties. if any women out ther with the same problem try these. they look like imported mens brief without a fly.”

They are wonderful and feel so nice but I should have ordered a size larger. For any crossdressers ordering them get a size larger they leave little room for the other thing and if the least bit excited and it grows they go from comfortable to very tight fast. Of course that is sexy feeling but not always wearing a tight skirt.

As I am a man, there could be more crotch room, but I still enjoy them. Like the colors too!”

Male customer’s feedback: “My new favorite! I’ve had the older cotton version of this brief and really liked it. Now that the smoother, silkier version has come out I’m stocking up. I look for comfort and utility and you just can’t beat CK and especially this latest offering.”

Male customer’s feedback: “They fit men very well.Went down to a medium & like that cheeky feeling .They still have enough room in front.Super slick & sexy.The lighter color shows everything off nicely .A comfortable all day wear & great to sleep in too.”

I love the lace accents, Very sexy

Wacoal Embrace Lace Bikini Panties 64391 Male customer’s feedback: “Beautiful and very comfortable. This panty supports me well and doesn’t show through my trousers. This is the second pair I purchased. I just wish there were more colors.”

Male customer’s feedback: “I have been waiting for this panty to go on sale and im glad i did. The fit is perfect. Guys if you want the feel of a great fitting panty you wont be disappointed.”

Fruit Of The Loom Microfiber Assorted Bikini Panty – 6 Pack 6DMFBI1 Male customer’s feedback: “I am a guy who loves these panties so much. I have been wearing them for years all purchased from herroom the reason being I have a tiny penis 1/2 long with an erection and cant wear mens underware at all too baggy in the front. Thanks John.”

Calvin Klein Sleek Bikini Panty D3510 Male customer’s feedback: “Love the look and feel of the product

Wacoal B Smooth Bikini Panty 832175 Male customer’s feedback: “Very nice panty that is a joy to wear. Soft, smooth and plenty of stretch where needed. Extremely comfortable and don’t ride up. Recommended for everyone.”

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