Results because of these studies are summarized less than

Results because of these studies are summarized less than

Looking for Scorpio at the end of your number is even unsurprising, as there may be a clash off wills whenever these types of two-pair up, with every front side fighting to possess power and you can manage in relationship

Old-fashioned astrologers accept that Leos are very compatible with Aries, Gemini, Leo, Libra, and you may Sagittarius, and you may the very least suitable Taurus, Virgo, Scorpio, Capricorn, Aquarius, and you can Pisces, exactly what do the real wedding and you can separation analytics say?

Mathematician Gunter Sachs (1998) presented a huge-measure study of sunshine cues, encompassing almost one million people in Switzerland, and this receive statistically significant overall performance to the a number of procedures together with ) presented a similar studies for the France using marriage analytics collected ranging from 1976 and you may 1997, which included more than six mil marriages.

Sachs discovered that Leo guys wed Aries lady frequently in Switzerland, and they is actually the very least browsing get married Aquarians and to separation Aries lady. However, in contrast to traditional astrological facts, Leo males keeps an above-average divorce proceedings price with Libra women. Here is an overall total ranks of common so you’re able to the very least well-known marriages having Leo men (* demonstrates as a result, mathematically extreme – to phrase it differently, the outcome was too large so you’re able to trait to random chance):

    1. Aries*
    2. Leo
    3. Scorpio

    Libras could be extremely flirtatious and you may Leos want to be brand new focus, making this you to you’ll be able to end up in to possess relationships difficulties

    Leo males and you will Aries ladies can perform well together with her just like the both are extroverted, excitement-looking to, risk-providing, daring, and you can energetic, so they really elizabeth some thing. Both generally have an innovative streak also, so that they get bond more aesthetic pursuits.

    Are you aware that base of one’s number, Leo and you can Aquarius have very absolutely nothing in accordance except if most other facets inside their natal zodiacs be a little more compatible. Normal Leos are enjoying, caring, expressive, and passionate, while regular Aquarians is emotionally isolated and independent. Leo may find Aquarius cooler and you will faraway, and you will Aquarius may find that Leo needs excessively attract and you can compliment. However, in the event that its ascendants otherwise moon signs be compatible, both of these can make an appealing meets.

    What makes up the better-than-average separation and divorce fact between the theoretically compatible signs of Leo and you may Libra? Also, Libras tend to be relaxed and you will rational, capable of seeing each party out-of problematic, while Leos gravitate firmly to a single side and you may safeguard it increasingly (of course Libra requires a natural posture unlike siding which have the woman mate on every material, Leo get look at this an operate away from disloyalty).

    Castille found that Leo males for the France are likely to help you get married Leo ladies and you will minimum planning marry Scorpios. Let me reveal a complete ranking away from typical so you’re able to the very least popular marriages with Leo males (* shows that as a result, statistically extreme):

    Watching Leo at the top of record is not surprising, because the a few Leos are likely to show life needs, attitudes, situations, and method of relating to the world.

    Of course, in case your a couple of folks have very suitable ascending signs otherwise moon cues, contrary inclinations will be minimized and you may relationships applicants would be much better.

    Sachs receive no statistically extreme results for Leo ladies most likely relationships couples, however, he did discover that they are minimum planning to marry Taurus boys, and therefore accords with antique astrological philosophy on Taurus-Leo compatibility. Leo women probably sidestep Taurus men more often as they come across the typical Taurus also limited by behaviors and you can designs (in the event a beneficial Taurus whose ascendant is during a flames signal often become more adventurous). Let me reveal a total ranks out of most typical in order to least popular marriages having Leo girls (* implies that as a result, mathematically significant):

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