To the contrary, an advanced ring newest while in the magnetized storms could possibly get force the latest subsolar magnetopause outward (elizabeth

To the contrary, an advanced ring newest while in the magnetized storms could possibly get force the latest subsolar magnetopause outward (elizabeth

Using apparently small (20 minute) date menstruation within active pressure methods, i implicitly think that the changes in the magnetopause condition mostly result from the alterations on solar power cinch pressure and you can differences of your dayside job-lined up Region step one currents. Whilst magnetotail current might have a somewhat larger impulse time, however in standard they only intensifies the effect of your Area step 1 newest. g., certain estimations have been made within the Samso ); but not, (1) new noncoupled MHD model hence overall performance had been showed a lot more than really does maybe not replicate new band current and you can (2) the time scale of your own band latest intensification can be a whole lot more versus 3–cuatro time utilized in such simulations. We work of the paired activities less than which is qualitatively similar to the result of the fresh new noncoupled model, which means this cannot changes the results.

Finally, we should compare several runs to ensure our email address details are design-separate. Table step one gathers the power law indices N when you look at the (1) computed of half dozen models away from about three worldwide MHD habits. The first is the fresh noncoupled SWMF model whose overall performance was exhibited over. Along with the basic works (Variation step 1), i simulated three almost every other systems of one’s the same noncoupled design, two which have a higher ionospheric conductivity and something having a good dipole tip. The fresh new height-included Pedersen conductivity is assumed is equal to 5 S in every the new products, but designs 2 and you can step 3 by which the brand new incorporated conductivity are 10 and you may one hundred S respectively. Within the adaptation 4, we artificial the magnetosphere that have a good dipole tip 29° . Changes in Letter ranging from Versions 1 and dos and you will Designs step one and you can cuatro is actually quick, and you will ranging from Items step 1 and 3 was reasonable, but just for the new southward IMF. Keep in mind that the ionospheric conductivity one hundred S is extremely highest and you can shall be rarely seen in fact. I let you know they simply to train the latest character out-of conductivity due to the fact the two minutes upsurge in conductivity inside the Version dos change Letter just for the newest speed improve having southward IMF.

A boost in the newest magnetotail latest as well increase in this new Area step one currents weakens new magnetospheric magnetized community and you can motions the fresh new dayside magnetopause earthward

Type 5 signifies operates of your SWMF design coupled with complete internal-magnetosphere ionosphere, and you can Type six is the LFM-Mix design. For every adaptation, we generate four operates with the northward/southward IMF and also for the density and you may speed expands once the told me a lot more than (twenty four works in total). Remember one N=six throughout the best theoretic case in the event the magnetopause standing fits the pressure harmony between the solar power breeze dynamic stress together with Planet’s dipole career and you will Letter=6.six throughout the empirical Shue mais aussi al. ( 1998 ) design. Indeed, all the acquired Letter is between these beliefs otherwise a little reduced. Five off half dozen systems assume Letter larger or equal to eight throughout the works to the thickness boost to own southward IMF. Though Type 5 forecasts N smaller than 7, N is actually methodically high in this case for every design.

Meanwhile, Tsyganenko and Sibeck ( 1994 ) detailed your mix-end current and also in a reduced studies this new band most recent in addition to the spot 1 currents dictate the latest magnetized job towards the magnetospheric side of the magnetopause

In addition to the comparison of different models, we investigate the influence of grid resolution on our results. We have calculated two runs for the same southward IMF with density and velocity changes using the noncoupled SWMF model with the 1/16 RE grid spacing around the subsolar magnetopause. We obtain different power laws, N=6.712 and 6.132, in the density and velocity runs, respectively (instead of 7.80 and 6.69 for the same model with a low resolution). Moreover, the normalized (to the solar wind electric field) reconnection rates in the low-resolution runs are smaller than those in the high-resolution runs (but are about the same in the density and velocity runs for the same resolution). We also find some differences in the CPCP and the magnetic field magnitude at geosynchronous orbit. We note that the grid resolution influences the magnitude of maximal electric current density at the magnetopause and possibly may change the total magnetopause current, but this problem requires more careful studies and it stays outside of the scope of the paper.

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